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4GB Spy Pen! Digital Pocket High-definition Video Recorder MP9


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  • Product Name: Mini DVR Pen
  • pacity: 1GB, 2GB, 4GB,
  • Video Pen Size: 150Ч15.6mm
  • Power: High Volume Lithium Battery Within The Player
  • playback Time:  6hours
  • PC Interface:  USB2.0
  • Kinescope Format:  352*288 AVI of CIF
  • Reading Speed/Writing Speed: 900K/700K a second
  • Pixels: 300,000~2000,000
  • Support Operation System:Support WINDOWS ME/2000/XP/MASOS/LINUX
  • n identify operation system automatilly.

Detail Introduction:

  • Hidden inside a pen, it is the world's smallest micro-DVR as well as the world's first pen-based video recorder with voice.
  • It features with high sensitivity of the microphone: within 15 square meters, the ear voice n be recorded. With high-definition mera, it is helpful to provide strong evidence for the public security departments and court.
  • Exquisite looking, smooth ball-point pen to write. The replable rtrie is durable and environment-friendly.
  • Apply to any computer with USB and other electronic equipment.
  • USB2.0 standard interface. No need drive or external power supply.
  • Support WINDOWS 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP/MAS OS/LINUX operating systems. It may automatic identify the system to install the driver. (Excpet WINDOWS 98 ).
  • 352 x 288 GIF file in AVI format.
  • High reading & writing speed: 900K/700K bytes/sec (depends on the connected computer).

  • Police to take record.
  • Lawyer to take evidence.
  • Reporter to record in the interview.
  • stealth monitor.
Warning: It is forbidden to use for illegal purpose.


  • In the shutdown mode, make a single-ick to the button to enter into standby mode: the yellow lights will be on. Make another Single-ick to enter into the recording mode: the blue lights will be on.
  • In the recording mode, make a ick to the button, it will save the files. The file saving time will be different according to the length of the video. ter the completion of file saving, it automatilly change to standby mode: the yellow lights at this time.
  • In standby mode, if need to take another video, ick the button to enter into recording mode. The yellow lights will change to blue.
  • In standby mode, yellow light is on. Keep pushing the button for 3 seconds, it will enter into shutdown mode. The light will be off.
  • When the battery is used up, it will automatilly shut down. Before the system shutdown, the video files n be automatilly saved.
  • When use USB for recharging, the yellow lights will be flashing. It shows it is in recharging mode.
  • ter recharging completed, the yellow lights stops flashing.
  • Memory is available from 2GB or 4 GB.
  • The mara n be 130 ~ 300 megapixels.
  • Built-in high-pacity lithium battery n work for up to 2 hours.
  • Video files reading: Install the necessary video player software to the computer. Connect computer with the video pen. ick on removable drive, double-ick on the video file to watch.
Pack inuding:

  • 1 Ч 4GB MP9 Digital Pocket Video Recorder
  • 1 Ч USB ble
  • 1 Ч 110-240V Power Supply

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