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Gateway 3ds is in stock now, and we ship the Gateway 3ds orders now. 2013 10.1




  1. Ninetendo 3DS has been updated to 3DSV6.3.0,pls do not update your console untill it's confirmed that you card can work on your console. DSTWO,R4i gold 3DS ,Ace3DS plus , R4i gold pro can work on 3DSV6.3.0 prefectly now,no any updating needed.(2013-9-14)
  2. DSTWO,R4i gold 3DS ,Ace3DS plus can work on 3DSV6.2.0 prefectly now.(2013-9-3) R4i-SDHC RTS cards can support N3DS V6.2.0-X perfectly(certain model only), please update your kernel to v1.73b. If your RTS cards cannot support firmware update for the moment, please be patient, the new patch will be released soon. [2013-08-08]
  3. Our DSTWO,R4i gold 3DS ,R4i sdhc 3DS RTS & Ace3DS PLUS work on 3DS v6.1.0-x perfectly without patch updating! (2013-7--8)
  4. Dear customers, for some reason, we do not provide the latest firmware and games now, sorry for the inconvenience we brought to you, you can contact our sales email for more information. Thanks for your understanding! (2013-4-10)
  5. Great News, got the hot CHANEL Nail Colour iPhone Case Cover on stock now!
  6. Gateway 3DS is in stock on our website now.
  7. Incoming new items :R4i-sdhc 3ds RTS, Ace3DS Pro , 3k3y kit as well as Cobra ODE .
  8. Here are some new iphone 5 case design, choosing your own style.
  9. The coolest Samsung galaxy s3 iii i9300 case covers are available now.
  10. Using E3 flasher to downgrade your PS3.
  11. All the items we send out are free shipping, and the cards we send out have been pre-flashed to support latest version.

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