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X360Dock for XBOX360

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Optional HDD

X360dock Module2

Xbox 360 key files extract tools

x360dock In stock and Ready to ship!(2011.10.13)

X360Dock Features Now

  • User friendly, nice UI
  • Solderless, no soldering skill needed
  • Compatible with most xbox 360 drive types
  • Support most xbox 360 and Xbox 1 games
  • Support different file formats, including NTFS, EXT2/3/4, and Mac OS X Extended
  • High speed USB interface
  • Upgradeable easily from any USB drive
  • No drive flashing or JTAG hack required
  • AP25 protection emulation
  • Different modes: Emulator Mode and Drive Mode

X360Dock Features in progress

  • Compatible all xbox 360 drive types
  • Xbox Live safety
  • Get your xbox360 drive key easily via X360dock

How's x360dock Compatibility

How to install X360 dock

X360dock is a solderless deivce which means you can install it without any soldering skills, this is a great news for users. after all, not so many guys are capable of doing the complicated soldering job. In order to install the x360dock, you need to open the console, put the x360dock inside, connect some cables, put the firmware inside and close the console. You can install it easily via our guide.

Tips: Installing the x360dock requires a copy of your xbox360 drive key which means you need to use some tools such as x360USB pro & CK3 Lite to retrieve the key from your DVD drive. If you already have got the key file in advance, that's great!

How does x360dock work

X360dock is an optional xbox 360 drive emulator for your xbox360, it means when you use it loading the games from your external hdd, the xbox 360 just think you load the games from your own DVD drive which means very safe and convenient.

How to update the x360dock

Updating the x360dock via USB storage is very easy as well. When the new firmware releases, just put the firmware in the micro sd card and then put it in the x360dock motherboard, the x360dock will detect it auto and then update your x360dock in a few mins.
How to install X360dock Hardware

How to install X360dock Software 

Optional 500G Xbox 360 Externel HDD (53 free games included): 
500GB HDD Hard Disk Drive For Microsoft Xbox 360

New X360dock Touch Screen Remote:

What's in the box:

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